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Name:Cheng Cheng P52p32 pressure pipe machine
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Basic parameters

Maximum pipe diameter:


The corresponding roller length:

100 mm

Input power:

3 W

Force of contraction:

150 T

Mould expanding:

33 mm

Can be buckled pipe diameter:

51 mm

Roller head diameter:

25 mm

Stiffness coefficient:

2000 kn/mm

Standard mould:



Cheng Cheng



Detailed description

The company supplies Jinfu P52 pressure pipe machine quality assurance, welcome to consult the discussion.

Working pressure: 31.5MPA

Cylinder inside diameter: 250MM, diameter: 300MM

Maximum withhold hose size: 64MM

The original mould: 15 sets

Fastener characteristics:

1, double hydraulic circuit operation principle, namely, advance and retreat and die piston opening and contraction are power produced byhydraulic power source. It not only move smoothly, return quickly,also won't happen like spring return, the mold can not open the lock of the phenomenon. And cylinder locking system design are coherent,easy to withhold various special-shaped elbow.

2, the hydraulic system consists of motor, pump, solenoid valve,pressure regulating valve and the hydraulic valve with doublehydraulic circuit and movement, but also in the double hydraulic oilalso increased from a quick oil discharge valve oil, in order to achieve more rapid return to, and adjustable speed, noise and reducing the system pressure.

3, in the electrical control system, the control circuit for PLCcircuit, it is easy to repair, overhaul circuit, replacing the simpleconvenience.

4, pressing die and mould seat with no cumulative error processingprocess, to ensure product lines withhold withhold evenly spaced,without transition phenomenon.

5, in order to buckle press permanent mechanical precision and life,in the locking mechanism assembly, not only to choose the high quality alloy steel material, and the heat treatment process is unique. So thebutton press long service life: the rationality and material, heat treatment, machining process and structure are inseparable!

6, press standard theory: off the head, without damaging the tubeglue.

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